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Our Rich History

When financial advisors Todd Hopper and Marlo Bondy of Vision Wealth Consultants Inc. first discovered their current office space more than five years ago, they found themselves in a time warp. With rich oak woods and dusty, red shag carpet, the office was reminiscent of a bygone era, where deals were closed over cigars and a drink. As it turned out, the space was formerly the executive offices and boardroom of an old tool and die shop.

Boasting spacious rooms, private wet bars and bathrooms in both executive offices and the boardroom, not to mention cigar fans throughout, Todd says “the office really spoke to us and was definitely a window into Windsor’s automotive past.” This turned out to be very true as one of Todd and Marlo’s clients explained that former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau had even visited the office in the 70s to celebrate a machine the company had built to cut and process sugar cane.

“It made sense to take this space and customize it to our needs,” says Marlo. “For the most part,” she added, “you still feel the building is steeped in history.” Renovations included switching out the red shaggy carpet, changing a few walls and cutting an entry from the parking lot through the original boardroom bathroom.

Todd and Marlo decided to give the place an edgy, contemporary feel with fresh bold paint colours and modern furniture, including a conversation-piece standup desk for Todd. He swears by the desk and attributes it to a reduction in knee and back strain.


With a neat space, a cool story and a great location, Todd and Marlo are confident this will be their business’s home for quite some time.